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President Forewords

Dear sir/madam,

Globalization has brought many great opportunities to all entrepreneurs, it allowed us to compete fairly and fiercely on the global market. In order to maintain and expand the market share, each company must non-stop innovate every aspect of the business to increase the profit/revenue ratio. Using a cost-effective material is always a great solution for most companies. 

We are in deep honor to introduce with you the Microfiber leather solution which is the perfect replacement for natural cowhides in your manufacturing process. 

All leather goods manufacturers face the problem of using cowhides - the unstable quality amongt each piece, the low productivity and the high price. We understand your frustration deeply, and that is why, we dedicated our effort in the development of Microfiber leather. Our Microfiber leather has similar structure with cowhides, all physical, chemical attributes are similar and some are even better than cowhides. During our market approach, we have confirmed the usability of Microfiber leather in the production of shoes, bags, apparel goods with a very high productivity. Moreover, our products are completely environmental-friendly and do not containt harmful toxic for human body. 

We are a professional Microfiber leather supplier from Vietnam with 3 factories. We believe that with our capability, we are able to satisfy and requirements for your production. Reducing your costs and increasing your production-efficiency is our most prioritized goal. 

Thank you for trusting Microfiber Vietnam 

Vu Manh Tien 
President of Microfiber Vietnam