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HOTLINE: +84 (0)96.593.2882

    What is MI LEATHER?
    MI LEATHER is a leading microfiber leather supplier in Vietnam. We set the mission to distribute microfiber leather globally and replace cowhides with this new material
    What is microfiber leather?
    Microfiber leather is an artificial leather which has very similar structure with natural cowhides. Mcirofiber leather has the same performance in leather goods production and it has been being used widely for the past 40 years instead of cowhides.
    How can I make an order through MI LEATHER's website?
    Our website supports online order for small quantity. If you are planning to order in large amount, you can contact us direct through the email: microfiber@microfiber.com.vn
    How can I order the handmade products through MI LEATHER's website?
    Unlike other businesses, MI LEATHER is also a very active member in the fashion industry. We are a trusted partner of several leather fashion brand. That allowed us to be in good connection with their production facility and we can support individual consumer to order the product design that want with the type of leather they prefer. All you need to do is send us an email. Our customer support agent will contact you in the instantly.
    How good is MI LEATHER's product?
    Our products have passed all the test of Vietnam National Leather & Shoe Research Institute. And we have been providing leather for global car brands and fashion brands. We are confident that we can create products that fit any requirements you might have.