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In July 2016, LEFASO (Vietnam Leather, Footwear, Handbag Association) organized the award event in Ho Chi Minh city with leaders of all biggest companies in the industry attended. This has been a great opportunity for business leaders to establish relationship and discuss about the future of the industry.

During this conference, Mr. Vu Manh Tien - President of Microfiber Vietnam has discussed with other leaders regarding the future of the new material solution - Microfiber leather as the perfect alternative for natural leather. Mr. Vu Manh Tien has also talked about the benefits and advantages of implementing Microfiber leather in production. 

Mr. Vu Manh Tien (President of Microfiber Vietnam) and Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan (President of LEFASO and TBS Group)

Mr. Vu Manh Tien (President of LEFASO) and Mrs. Xuan (Vice President of LEFASO)

Microfiber Vietnam representatives introduced the Microfiber leather material workshop at LEFASO Exhibition

Journalist from VTV1 interviewed Mr. Vu Manh Tien (President of Microfiber Vietnam)

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